Ashley’s Upper Body Burn

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new workout, and I’ve been feeling incredibly guilty. If you read my recent #TravelTBT post, you know I just recently moved to the east coast. Between driving across the country, moving into and renovating our new home, Christmas, and New Years, I pretty much gave two shits about my body. For the first time in my almost 29 years of life, I stopped working out and was eating some of the worst food this country has to offer (for almost two straight months)(I had McDonalds breakfast twice in one week…kill me). I honestly didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror, and was admittedly pretty scared of what it was going to take to get my body back to what it was pre-AshleyApocalypse.

Lucky for me, I have probably the biggest motivation known to womankind to get my ass back into shape. MY WEDDING. On January 1st, along with the rest of the world’s population, I went full on psycho mode and got my mind right for what I needed to do to get ready to marry my man (in an XS, ultra tight wedding gown) on June 8th at 5pm on the dot.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite workouts to tone and strengthen your upper body. My dress is sleeveless so you better believe I am going to focusing on my arms like a crazy person over the next 4+ months.

What You’ll Need:

5-10lb dumbbells…pick a weight you can maintain throughout the entire workout!

This series works in a progression. It may seem super repetitive, but I promise you won’t be able to use your arms when you’re done. The below video is an example of pace & form as well as the easier & harder versions of pushups!

Let’s Go!

12 Bicep Curls

12 Slow Bicep Curls (3 counts up, 3 counts down)

12 Bicep Pulses

12 Pectoral Pushups (arms slightly wider than shoulder width)

10 Bicep Curls

10 Slow Bicep Curls (3 counts up, 3 counts down)

10 Bicep Pulses

10 Pectoral Pushups

8 Bicep Curls

8 Slow Bicep Curls (3 counts up, 3 counts down)

8 Bicep Pulses

8 Pectoral Pushups

Quick Break

12 Shoulder Press

12 Slow Shoulder Press

12 Shoulder Press Pulses

12 Tricep Pushups (hands together, elbows tight to your sides. I’ve included the easier option on your knees in the above video)

10 Shoulder Press

10 Slow Shoulder Press

10 Shoulder Press Pulses

10 Tricep Pushups

8 Shoulder Press

8 Slow Shoulder Press

8 Shoulder Press Pulses

8 Tricep Pushups


Now try raising your arms over head! 😉




Ashley’s Glute Series

Happy Monday, everyone!

My gift to you for waking up and showing up for this brand new week is one of my favorite workouts to teach in my advanced Reformer Pilates classes. It targets the “forgotten” muscles of the booty (gluteus medius) and is an incredibly versatile series of exercises. The video demonstrates one of the easier versions of this workout, but there are several variations that can increase the difficulty if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

***Below options progress from beginning to advanced


Option 1: Shown in video

Option 2: Incorporate ankle weights


Option 1: Side lying on carriage with 1 blue spring

Option 2: Side lying on carriage with 1 red spring

Option 3: Side lying on long box with head towards head rest with 1 blue spring

Option 4: Side lying on long box with 1 red spring

Option 5: Side lying on long box with 1 blue spring + ankle weights

Option 6 (if you’re insane): Side lying on long box with 1 red spring + ankle weights


Give it a go and let me know how those booties feel when you’re done!


xo, Ashley

Ashley’s Reformer Arm Series

This is one of my favorite arm series to do on the Reformer! It targets everything from the biceps, triceps, chest, and deltoids, to the upper back…and of course…your core! I typically use one red spring on a Balanced Body Reformer, but if I’m feeling extra good I’ll use one red and one yellow. The transitions between sets should be fairly quick so you can really put your arms to work (aka don’t give yourself any unnecessary breaks!).


Rows x10

Row Pulses x10

Single Arm Rows x10/side

Tricep Kickbacks x10 + 5 sec hold

Diagonal Deltoid Pulls x10/side

Bicep Curls x7

-followed by x7 right leg, x7 left leg, x7 modified teaser

Chest Expansion x7 + 5 sec hold


Give this series a try and let me know how it goes! Have fun!


xo, Ashley

Kiss My Abs

If you’re looking for an ab workout that is both quick and killer, look no further. I discovered this series when I was going through Pilates Teacher Training with PMA Master Trainer Adriana Vargas (look her up if you’re ever in SD. best teacher to ever exist), and continue to swear by it to this day. It’s honestly never gotten easier for me. Manageable, yes. Easier, no. And that’s saying a lot because my core is probably the strongest part of my body. If you do this workout at least every other day I can GUARANTEE (not like officially or anything) that you will have a pretty sexy set of abs on that belly.  
Each of the following exercises flows into the next, so in order to fully maximize this series you must not take breaks in between each movement. LET IT BURN. But in a good way. Don’t be a baby.


Rolldown x10

Arm Lifts x10

Single Leg Kicks x10/side

Teaser + Arm Lifts x10

QUICK break

Double Leg Stretch x10

Single Leg Stretch x10/side

Bicycles x10/side

Scissors x10/side

Leg Lifts x10

Swimming 3×10

Criss Crosses 3×10

Arm & Leg Pules x10


***Disclaimer: Abs are first and foremost made in the kitchen, so if you eat donuts every day and not just once a week, I can’t guarantee that you will actually see your abs.