Mat Pilates Workout

Before I moved to Virginia, Pilates completely ruled my life. I was either teaching or playing around on reformers, cadillacs, chairs, and ladder barrels every day of the week and I loved it. Now that I’m here I’ve barely even touched Pilates equipment. And I kid you not most people in Virginia don’t even know what a reformer is. Insane right?! Because of this, the only real Pilates I’ve had in my life has been on the mat. I used to get really bored with mat Pilates because there aren’t nearly as many exercises or variations you can do with it, but since I haven’t had much of a choice lately I’ve been working on new mat workouts…and if I’m being honest I’ve really enjoyed it. I love being challenged, and in order for me to be the strongest teacher and student possible I need to pay just as much attention to my mat as I did to the apparatuses. Here is one of the flows I’ve been playing around with. Have fun with it and keep in mind the video is sped up x2!



Rollover x10

Double Arm Lift x10

Single Leg Kicks x10 per leg

Teaser + Double Arm Lift x10


Bridge x10 + 10 pulses

Single Leg Bridge

Halfway Lift x10

Knee Extensions x10

Leg Lift x10

Repeat on other leg


Double Leg Stretch x10

Single Leg Stretch x10 per leg

Hamstring Pull x10

Leg Lift & Lower x10


Rolling Like a Ball x5

Quads & Arms

Thigh Stretch + Bicep Curl x10

Thigh Stretch + Shoulder Lift x10

Thigh Stretch + Lateral Raise x10

*if you don’t have weights, skip the arms and just do the thigh stretch. Add a few extra sets of pushups to get your artwork in!


4 Point Kneeling

Donkey Kick x15 + 10 pulses

Crossover x15 + 10 pulses

Straight leg kick x15 + 10 pulses


Bird Dog x5 per side

Knee to Elbow x5

Repeat on other side


Baby Cobra x5

Supermans x10 + Swimming 10 seconds

Dolphin Kicks x10 + 5 second hold

Arms & Abs

Pushups x10

High Plank 30 seconds

Low Plank 30 seconds

Glutes & Abs

Side Lying Glutes

Marching x10

Cycling x10

Cycling reverse direction x10

High Kicks x10

Bottom Leg Lifts x10

Double Leg Lifts x10

Circles x10

Circles reverse direction x10

Upward pulses x10

Side Plank + Thread the Needle x15

Repeat on other side


The Hundred

Leg Swims x10 for 3 rounds

Leg Criss Cross x10 for 3 rounds

Arm & Leg Pulse x10



xo, Ashley

Ashley’s Glute Series

Happy Monday, everyone!

My gift to you for waking up and showing up for this brand new week is one of my favorite workouts to teach in my advanced Reformer Pilates classes. It targets the “forgotten” muscles of the booty (gluteus medius) and is an incredibly versatile series of exercises. The video demonstrates one of the easier versions of this workout, but there are several variations that can increase the difficulty if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

***Below options progress from beginning to advanced


Option 1: Shown in video

Option 2: Incorporate ankle weights


Option 1: Side lying on carriage with 1 blue spring

Option 2: Side lying on carriage with 1 red spring

Option 3: Side lying on long box with head towards head rest with 1 blue spring

Option 4: Side lying on long box with 1 red spring

Option 5: Side lying on long box with 1 blue spring + ankle weights

Option 6 (if you’re insane): Side lying on long box with 1 red spring + ankle weights


Give it a go and let me know how those booties feel when you’re done!


xo, Ashley

This Workout Will Make Your Ass Fall Off

This workout is one of my favorite ways to set my glutes on fire. Today I incorporated the exercises into my hike on Quicksilver Trail, but I normally do it at home and use hand weights for an added challenge (and to work the arms at the same time). So if you have weights, grab them to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to this awesome booty workout. You want to focus on your form rather than your speed for this series, so don’t feel the need to rush or time yourself. However, if it takes you over an hour to complete you probably need to reevaluate your concept of time.

I like to do my ab series before starting this workout as it’s a great way to warm up and get your core firing. And to give my legs a break between sets and/or sides, I’ll throw in either some pushups, planks, or crunches to switch it up.


Squat + Calf Raise                                                       



Single Leg Lunge         

Pendulum Lunge

Side Lunge + Kick

Now here we go!

Squat + Calf Raise x25

20 Pushups

Repeat Squat + Calf Raises x25

1 minute plank

Lunge (Left) x25 (option to add bicep curl or shoulder lift)

Bridge x25

Lunge (Right) x25 (optional armwork)

Bridge x25

Single Leg Lunge (Left) x25 (optional armwork)

Oblique Crunches (Left) x50

Single Leg Lunge (Right) x25 (optional armwork)

Oblique Crunches (Right) x50

Pendulum Lunge (Left) x25 (optional armwork)

Front Crunches x50

Pendulum Lunge (Right) x25 (optional armwork)

Front Crunches x50

Side Lunge + Kick (Left) x25

1 minute plank

Side Lunge + Kick (Right) x25

1 minute plank


FINISH! Now go get some crutches for tomorrow 😉