Full Body Cadillac Workout

Having my own Reformer has been amazing, but I have seriously missed all of the other incredible Pilates apparatuses. I work at a studio that has a Cadillac, but I almost never get to use it because I’m always in and out of the studio and I only teach Mat and Reformer classes there. I subbed a group class this past Sunday morning and when I was done I looked at the Cadillac like it was an old friend and decided it was time we hung out again. I had the best time and I literally felt the physical difference in my body instantly.

As you may know, there’s a difference in springs between different manufacturers. This workout was done on a Stott Cadillac, but the same principles pretty much apply universally so for the sake of this post I’m going to use “Heavy” or “Light” to reference my spring load for each exercises.

*Adjust spring height to a resistance that makes sense for you. Everyone has different levels of strength so you may want to play around with the springs before you begin!


Light Springs – Rolldown Bar

Rolldown x10

Supine Pulldown x10

Supine Rows x10

Round Back Pulldown x10

Round Back Rows x10

Flat Back Narrow Rows x10

Flat Back Bicep Curls x10

Side Bends

-Bend Elbow x10

-Straight Elbow x10

-Pulses x10

-Repeat other side

Kneeling Armwork

-Shoulder Lifts x10

-Tricep Extensions x10

-Shoulder Lifts + Tricep Extensions Combo x10

-Salute x10

-Pushups x10

*Lower Rolldown Bar to Heavy Spring height

Heavy Springs – Straps

Feet in Straps

-Feet Together & Parallel x10

-Pilates V x10

-Frogs x10

-Open & Close x10

-Breaststroke x10

-Reverse Breaststroke x10

-Scissors x10/leg

-Bicycles x10/leg

-Reverse Bicycles x10/leg

-Walking x10

Light Springs – Rolldown Bar

Single Leg Pulldown

-Right Leg x10

-Left Leg x10

-Both Legs x10

The Hundred


Double Leg Stretch x10

Single Leg Stretch x10/leg

Bicycles x10/leg

Hamstring Pull x10/leg

*Adjust Rolldown Bar to original height

Light Springs – Rolldown Bar

Rolling In & Out x5

Heavy Springs – Handles


-Feet Parallel x12

-Hold Squat

-Single Arm Rows x10/arm

-Pulses x10

Sumo Squats

-Feet Turned Out/Second Position x12

-Hold Squat

-Double Arm Rows x10

-Heel Lifts x10

-Pulses w/ Heel Lift x10

Spinal Rotation

-Facing Left x10

-Facing Right x10

Single Leg Squats

-Right Leg x10

-Left Leg x10

Chest Expansion x10


This is one of my favorite routines on the Cadillac so I really hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments!



Mat Pilates Fusion Workout

As far as classical Pilates instruction goes, I’m on the wayyyy other end of the spectrum. I respect classical exercises and teach them often, but my favorite part about being an instructor is having the creative freedom to come up with new and exciting exercises for both my clients and myself. I believe it’s incredibly important to constantly switch up your workouts and introduce new exercises into your repertoire so as to “shock” your body and get the maximum benefit from all of your workouts (and almost more importantly to keep you on your toes and ensure you never get bored!). In keeping with this mindset, I have created a workout that fuses a few classical Pilates exercises and principles with other body weight moves that give you a great, comprehensive full body workout.

What You’ll Need:

*click each link to find the exact equipment I use 


Hand Weights

Magic Circle – can be replaced with mini exercise ball!

Mini Exercise Ball



Rollover x10 + Arm Adduction w/ Magic Circle

Double Arm Lift x10 + Arm Adduction w/ Magic Circle

Oblique Twists x5/side

-Hold on right, squeeze & release circle x10

-Center, squeeze & release circle x10

-Left, squeeze & release circle x10

-Center, torso pulses x10


Bridge x10 w/ circle between inner thighs

-Squeeze & release circle x10

-Hip pulses x10

-Hold for 10 seconds

Single Leg Bridge + Arm Adduction x10/leg

-Single Leg Pulses x10 – left

-Single Leg Pulses x10 – right

-Hold bridge, squeeze & release ring w/ arms x10

Arms & Abs

*w/ Mini Exercise Ball beneath Sacrum

Chest Press x10

Shoulder Lifts x10

Flys x10

Tricep Extensions x10

*w/ Magic Circle between ankles

Double Leg Stretch x10

Bicycles x10

Double Leg Lift x10

The Hundred

Arms & Abs

Tricep Dips x10

Russian Twist w/ ball x20/side

Back & Glutes

Baby Cobra x5

Slow Swimming x6/side

Swimming 10 seconds

*w/ Magic Circle between ankles

Double Leg Donkey Kick x10

Hamstring Curl x10

Double Leg Kick x10

-Hold for 5 seconds


4 Point Plank

-Knee Lifts x10

-Scapula Depressions x10

-Slow Mountain Climbers x5/leg

-Single Leg Kick x5 – right

-Single Leg Kick x5 – left

Glutes, Abs, & Arms

*w/ Magic Circle

Kneeling Glute Work – right leg

-Knee to Chest x10

-Heel to Bum x10

-Foot Circles – forward x10

-Foot Circles – backward x10

-Pulses x10

Side Plank Pulses – 30 seconds – right side

Side Lying Arm Work – right arm

-Lateral Raises x10

-Shoulder Lifts x10

-Semi Circle x5

-Semi Circle Reverse Direction x5

-Tricep Extensions x10

Teaser x10

Leg Lifts x10

Repeat Kneeling Glute Work – left leg

Repeat Pulsing Side Plank – left side

Repeat Side Lying Arm Work – left arm


High Plank

-Hover left leg 10 seconds

-Left knee to left elbow x10

Repeat with right leg

Arms & Legs

Pilates Pushups

-2 pushups + 1 lunge per leg

-*repeat x5

Squats x12

-Pulses x10

-Hold 10 seconds

Sumo Squats x12

-Heel Lifts x10

-Pulses w/ heels lifted x10

-Hold w/ heels lifted 10 seconds


60 second forearm plank



xo, Ashley

Mat Pilates Workout

Before I moved to Virginia, Pilates completely ruled my life. I was either teaching or playing around on reformers, cadillacs, chairs, and ladder barrels every day of the week and I loved it. Now that I’m here I’ve barely even touched Pilates equipment. And I kid you not most people in Virginia don’t even know what a reformer is. Insane right?! Because of this, the only real Pilates I’ve had in my life has been on the mat. I used to get really bored with mat Pilates because there aren’t nearly as many exercises or variations you can do with it, but since I haven’t had much of a choice lately I’ve been working on new mat workouts…and if I’m being honest I’ve really enjoyed it. I love being challenged, and in order for me to be the strongest teacher and student possible I need to pay just as much attention to my mat as I did to the apparatuses. Here is one of the flows I’ve been playing around with. Have fun with it and keep in mind the video is sped up x2!



Rollover x10

Double Arm Lift x10

Single Leg Kicks x10 per leg

Teaser + Double Arm Lift x10


Bridge x10 + 10 pulses

Single Leg Bridge

Halfway Lift x10

Knee Extensions x10

Leg Lift x10

Repeat on other leg


Double Leg Stretch x10

Single Leg Stretch x10 per leg

Hamstring Pull x10

Leg Lift & Lower x10


Rolling Like a Ball x5

Quads & Arms

Thigh Stretch + Bicep Curl x10

Thigh Stretch + Shoulder Lift x10

Thigh Stretch + Lateral Raise x10

*if you don’t have weights, skip the arms and just do the thigh stretch. Add a few extra sets of pushups to get your artwork in!


4 Point Kneeling

Donkey Kick x15 + 10 pulses

Crossover x15 + 10 pulses

Straight leg kick x15 + 10 pulses


Bird Dog x5 per side

Knee to Elbow x5

Repeat on other side


Baby Cobra x5

Supermans x10 + Swimming 10 seconds

Dolphin Kicks x10 + 5 second hold

Arms & Abs

Pushups x10

High Plank 30 seconds

Low Plank 30 seconds

Glutes & Abs

Side Lying Glutes

Marching x10

Cycling x10

Cycling reverse direction x10

High Kicks x10

Bottom Leg Lifts x10

Double Leg Lifts x10

Circles x10

Circles reverse direction x10

Upward pulses x10

Side Plank + Thread the Needle x15

Repeat on other side


The Hundred

Leg Swims x10 for 3 rounds

Leg Criss Cross x10 for 3 rounds

Arm & Leg Pulse x10



xo, Ashley

Ashley’s Upper Body Burn

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new workout, and I’ve been feeling incredibly guilty. If you read my recent #TravelTBT post, you know I just recently moved to the east coast. Between driving across the country, moving into and renovating our new home, Christmas, and New Years, I pretty much gave two shits about my body. For the first time in my almost 29 years of life, I stopped working out and was eating some of the worst food this country has to offer (for almost two straight months)(I had McDonalds breakfast twice in one week…kill me). I honestly didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror, and was admittedly pretty scared of what it was going to take to get my body back to what it was pre-AshleyApocalypse.

Lucky for me, I have probably the biggest motivation known to womankind to get my ass back into shape. MY WEDDING. On January 1st, along with the rest of the world’s population, I went full on psycho mode and got my mind right for what I needed to do to get ready to marry my man (in an XS, ultra tight wedding gown) on June 8th at 5pm on the dot.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite workouts to tone and strengthen your upper body. My dress is sleeveless so you better believe I am going to focusing on my arms like a crazy person over the next 4+ months.

What You’ll Need:

5-10lb dumbbells…pick a weight you can maintain throughout the entire workout!

This series works in a progression. It may seem super repetitive, but I promise you won’t be able to use your arms when you’re done. The below video is an example of pace & form as well as the easier & harder versions of pushups!

Let’s Go!

12 Bicep Curls

12 Slow Bicep Curls (3 counts up, 3 counts down)

12 Bicep Pulses

12 Pectoral Pushups (arms slightly wider than shoulder width)

10 Bicep Curls

10 Slow Bicep Curls (3 counts up, 3 counts down)

10 Bicep Pulses

10 Pectoral Pushups

8 Bicep Curls

8 Slow Bicep Curls (3 counts up, 3 counts down)

8 Bicep Pulses

8 Pectoral Pushups

Quick Break

12 Shoulder Press

12 Slow Shoulder Press

12 Shoulder Press Pulses

12 Tricep Pushups (hands together, elbows tight to your sides. I’ve included the easier option on your knees in the above video)

10 Shoulder Press

10 Slow Shoulder Press

10 Shoulder Press Pulses

10 Tricep Pushups

8 Shoulder Press

8 Slow Shoulder Press

8 Shoulder Press Pulses

8 Tricep Pushups


Now try raising your arms over head! 😉




Weekend of Workouts in NYC

I visited Truett in New York over the long MLK weekend and we literally did nothing but workout the entire time…which is obviously my kind of weekend! I haven’t had very much Pilates in my life since moving to Virginia, and my body was CRAVING it. Where better to satisfy my craving than the Pilates capital of the world?! Truett was super cute and planned an entire workout itinerary for us and took me to all of her favorite studios. Let me tell you…they did not disappoint. Here is a quick breakdown of the six workouts we did in the four days I was there:

Friday PM

Soul Cycle West Village – this was completely unplanned, but once my flight landed I needed to sweat, so we walked from Truett’s apartment to get our cardio fix from MB.


Wundabar Soho – Truett was most excited to bring me to Wundabar…a mix of Pilates & Barre on their very own patented Wundaformer. I was a little out of a my element at first considering I’m trained on formal Pilates equipment, but once we got going I had so much fun! Our instructor, Cate, delivered a kick ass workout. Definitely recommend her! Best part of all, your first class is only $10 and Wundabar donates 100% to Robin Hood Foundation.

New York Pilates – A few hours after our first workout of the day, we headed to New York Pilates (aka Mecca). I think every Pilates instructor in the country has heard of this studio, and just like everyone else I was dying to take a class. As soon as I walked into their Soho location it was like I died and went to Heaven. The design and even the SMELL were both enough to make me want to move into and live in the studio. But I digress…NYP has an awesome new client special that gives you 3 classes for $90 (1 class is normally $40), which I obviously purchased because I was OBVIOUSLY going to come back every day I was in town. Saturday’s class was Burnout with Kai-Ting. Talk about a b-u-r-n-o-u-t. So good.


New York Pilates – On this day we took Advanced Technique with Meg Broome. Her exercises were super creative and I definitely got my butt kicked. Probably my favorite Pilates class all weekend.


Monstr Cycle – After four workouts in three days you can probably imagine how exhausted our bodies were. That didn’t stop us from getting to the Beyonce themed class at Monstr Cycle’s Limelight location though! The studio is located in an old church and music videos serve as the background in every class. You can bet your ass we woke right up as soon as Beyonce started to serve our Monday morning cup of inspo. So fierce. So fun. So sweaty. **First class is $15!**

New York Pilates – We had signed up for Mariusz’s Advanced Technique class, which hilariously enough ended up being taught as a beginner class. He made a mistake and didn’t realize it until the class was already over. Truett and I were both super confused the entire time because we thought our bodies would have given up on us by then, but everything in class was crazy easy so we were like “ummm are we just that strong?” Yes and no. LOL. NYP graciously added a class back to our account so I have one to use the next time I visit! A+ on the customer service!


I’m probably a freak for saying this, but our weekend workout trip was what fitness dreams are made of. Every instructor at every studio delivered like no one else could, and I am still trying to figure out how to make a commute from Virginia Beach to Manhattan work because they were THAT GOOD. If you’ve never been to any of the above mentioned classes, do yourself and your body a massive favor and sign up!



Cardio/Leg Blast!

Today’s workout is a quick and awesome way to burn out those stems and get your heart rate up at the same time. Breaks aren’t necessary because you should be able to finish the entire series in 15 minutes or less (you’re welcome). As always, I like to use my favorite ab routine as a warm up.



Side lunge (right) x25


Standing Twist – 15 sec slow/15 sec fast per side


Lunge Sequence (left leg back)

-Back lunge x5

-Back lunge + leg lift x5

-Jumping lunges x5

*4 rounds*


20 mountain climbers

5 burpees

*3 rounds*


Side lunge (left) x25


Jumping V’s x5

1 = 1 full round in all directions


Repeat above Lunge Sequence (right leg back)


Finish with a 1 minute plank for good measure 🙂


xo, Ashley

Ashley’s Reformer Arm Series

This is one of my favorite arm series to do on the Reformer! It targets everything from the biceps, triceps, chest, and deltoids, to the upper back…and of course…your core! I typically use one red spring on a Balanced Body Reformer, but if I’m feeling extra good I’ll use one red and one yellow. The transitions between sets should be fairly quick so you can really put your arms to work (aka don’t give yourself any unnecessary breaks!).


Rows x10

Row Pulses x10

Single Arm Rows x10/side

Tricep Kickbacks x10 + 5 sec hold

Diagonal Deltoid Pulls x10/side

Bicep Curls x7

-followed by x7 right leg, x7 left leg, x7 modified teaser

Chest Expansion x7 + 5 sec hold


Give this series a try and let me know how it goes! Have fun!


xo, Ashley

This Workout Will Make Your Ass Fall Off

This workout is one of my favorite ways to set my glutes on fire. Today I incorporated the exercises into my hike on Quicksilver Trail, but I normally do it at home and use hand weights for an added challenge (and to work the arms at the same time). So if you have weights, grab them to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to this awesome booty workout. You want to focus on your form rather than your speed for this series, so don’t feel the need to rush or time yourself. However, if it takes you over an hour to complete you probably need to reevaluate your concept of time.

I like to do my ab series before starting this workout as it’s a great way to warm up and get your core firing. And to give my legs a break between sets and/or sides, I’ll throw in either some pushups, planks, or crunches to switch it up.


Squat + Calf Raise                                                       



Single Leg Lunge         

Pendulum Lunge

Side Lunge + Kick

Now here we go!

Squat + Calf Raise x25

20 Pushups

Repeat Squat + Calf Raises x25

1 minute plank

Lunge (Left) x25 (option to add bicep curl or shoulder lift)

Bridge x25

Lunge (Right) x25 (optional armwork)

Bridge x25

Single Leg Lunge (Left) x25 (optional armwork)

Oblique Crunches (Left) x50

Single Leg Lunge (Right) x25 (optional armwork)

Oblique Crunches (Right) x50

Pendulum Lunge (Left) x25 (optional armwork)

Front Crunches x50

Pendulum Lunge (Right) x25 (optional armwork)

Front Crunches x50

Side Lunge + Kick (Left) x25

1 minute plank

Side Lunge + Kick (Right) x25

1 minute plank


FINISH! Now go get some crutches for tomorrow 😉

Workout of the Week: The Walk

This workout is super simple, but just because it’s easy to conceptualize doesn’t mean it won’t kick your butt! It’s kind of like going for a hike up a mountain with a rapidly increasing incline, but in this case it’s a treadmill and you have to keep your feet moving or you’ll fall off.

What You’ll Need:

Treadmill – not just any treadmill, it has to be able to go up to an incline of 25 (a lot don’t). I do this on a Woodway, so you’ll be golden if you have access to one.

How It Works:

You’re going to start on the treadmill at an incline of 10 and speed of 2.8. The rule is that you can never decrease your speed, but you can and are encouraged to increase your speed (I usually finish at a jogging pace). Your speed after 2.8 is completely up to you, but what is not up to you is 1. You cannot at any time touch the handrails for support, & 2. You must increase your incline by 1 after every minute. You will go all the way up to 25 (repeating 25 twice), and then you go all the way back down to 10. In total you will have been walking for 32 minutes.

Not only is this a great cardio workout, but your whole body is going to be put to the test. Your hamstrings will be on fire and your core will be working overtime to help maintain your posture because as you progress and the fatigue starts to hit you, you’re going to want to sink into your spine and walk like a lazy slob. But of course you’re not going to do that!


Have fun & let me know how you feel after you try The Walk!


xo, Ashley

Kiss My Abs

If you’re looking for an ab workout that is both quick and killer, look no further. I discovered this series when I was going through Pilates Teacher Training with PMA Master Trainer Adriana Vargas (look her up if you’re ever in SD. best teacher to ever exist), and continue to swear by it to this day. It’s honestly never gotten easier for me. Manageable, yes. Easier, no. And that’s saying a lot because my core is probably the strongest part of my body. If you do this workout at least every other day I can GUARANTEE (not like officially or anything) that you will have a pretty sexy set of abs on that belly.  
Each of the following exercises flows into the next, so in order to fully maximize this series you must not take breaks in between each movement. LET IT BURN. But in a good way. Don’t be a baby.


Rolldown x10

Arm Lifts x10

Single Leg Kicks x10/side

Teaser + Arm Lifts x10

QUICK break

Double Leg Stretch x10

Single Leg Stretch x10/side

Bicycles x10/side

Scissors x10/side

Leg Lifts x10

Swimming 3×10

Criss Crosses 3×10

Arm & Leg Pules x10


***Disclaimer: Abs are first and foremost made in the kitchen, so if you eat donuts every day and not just once a week, I can’t guarantee that you will actually see your abs.