About Us

We met in 7th grade when Ashley moved in across the street from Truett. Truett was too shy to introduce herself and instead chose to watch tv through Ashley’s window like a creep until she finally came over to introduce herself. The rest is history.

We are here to show you that society’s expectations of you are not real life. You’re all human beings. You’re equally as sick of the bullshit Instagram facades as we are, but at the same time you worship people you’ve never met because their abs look really fucking good in that hyper edited photo that strategically includes an infinity pool built into the side of a cliff in Santorini. But you know what else looks good next to infinity pools? Donuts. And ice cream. And if we’re specifically in Greece…gyros. Although there are zero Psychology degrees between the two of us, we’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine…and dare we say NORMAL…to want abs AND donuts. We’ll even show you how to make that happen. What’s not ok is putting up a front about going five months without eating a carb because you just sound miserable and our hearts hurt for you. Let’s keep it real together and prove that not completely having your shit together means that you actually have your shit together.


Oh hey, I’m Ashley! I’m a Bay Area native living in San Diego with my fiance and fur baby. I’m a 28 year old former collegiate athlete turned corporate drone turned Pilates instructor who is neurotically infatuated with fitness but also inconveniently just as obsessed with food. Both of these obsessions are due in large part to the fact that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 12 years old and spent most of my young adult life being skinny shamed. I learned very quickly that feeling sorry for yourself gets you no where in life, so I worked my ass off to be the strong, confident woman I am today.

My original life plan was to become a writer, which clearly never worked out, but I’m super excited to have this platform to justify all those years of college tuition. I’m first generation Croatian and have been lucky enough to have been afforded the opportunity to travel across the world to visit family from a young age, which subsequently led to the birth of my passion/affliction for travel (it’s making me poor).



Hi, I’m Truett! I was born and raised in San Jose, California and then went off to college at UC San Diego for Political Science and Urban Planning. After college, I moved to New York City and promptly started working in media and never used my degrees (yay college!). Now I work at an ad agency managing production on branded content for TV, social, and digital. I live in the West Village and keep myself busy exploring all of the art, food, and music I can in the city and then leaving as much as possible to travel.

I’m a type-A closet (well not really) nerd who can’t live without To-Do lists, listens to as many podcasts as possible on the subway, reads as many books as I can find time for, watches more television than should be humanly possible, and is most highly endorsed on LinkedIn for social media (even though I don’t really work in it) because I’m so obsessed with keeping in touch with my friends. Up until 7th grade I was underweight and then went from a size 0 to 6/8 in a matter of months, though for the record I’ve always had this butt. Ever since, I’ve struggled with embracing my curves, staying as healthy as I can, and being comfortable in my own skin. I do my best at finding the balance between eating healthy while eating what I want and working out enough to still be able to binge watch my shows on the couch. Hopefully you can relate 🙂