I visited Truett in New York over the long MLK weekend and we literally did nothing but workout the entire time…which is obviously my kind of weekend! I haven’t had very much Pilates in my life since moving to Virginia, and my body was CRAVING it. Where better to satisfy my craving than the Pilates capital of the world?! Truett was super cute and planned an entire workout itinerary for us and took me to all of her favorite studios. Let me tell you…they did not disappoint. Here is a quick breakdown of the six workouts we did in the four days I was there:

Friday PM

Soul Cycle West Village – this was completely unplanned, but once my flight landed I needed to sweat, so we walked from Truett’s apartment to get our cardio fix from MB.


Wundabar Soho – Truett was most excited to bring me to Wundabar…a mix of Pilates & Barre on their very own patented Wundaformer. I was a little out of a my element at first considering I’m trained on formal Pilates equipment, but once we got going I had so much fun! Our instructor, Cate, delivered a kick ass workout. Definitely recommend her! Best part of all, your first class is only $10 and Wundabar donates 100% to Robin Hood Foundation.

New York Pilates – A few hours after our first workout of the day, we headed to New York Pilates (aka Mecca). I think every Pilates instructor in the country has heard of this studio, and just like everyone else I was dying to take a class. As soon as I walked into their Soho location it was like I died and went to Heaven. The design and even the SMELL were both enough to make me want to move into and live in the studio. But I digress…NYP has an awesome new client special that gives you 3 classes for $90 (1 class is normally $40), which I obviously purchased because I was OBVIOUSLY going to come back every day I was in town. Saturday’s class was Burnout with Kai-Ting. Talk about a b-u-r-n-o-u-t. So good.


New York Pilates – On this day we took Advanced Technique with Meg Broome. Her exercises were super creative and I definitely got my butt kicked. Probably my favorite Pilates class all weekend.


Monstr Cycle – After four workouts in three days you can probably imagine how exhausted our bodies were. That didn’t stop us from getting to the Beyonce themed class at Monstr Cycle’s Limelight location though! The studio is located in an old church and music videos serve as the background in every class. You can bet your ass we woke right up as soon as Beyonce started to serve our Monday morning cup of inspo. So fierce. So fun. So sweaty. **First class is $15!**

New York Pilates – We had signed up for Mariusz’s Advanced Technique class, which hilariously enough ended up being taught as a beginner class. He made a mistake and didn’t realize it until the class was already over. Truett and I were both super confused the entire time because we thought our bodies would have given up on us by then, but everything in class was crazy easy so we were like “ummm are we just that strong?” Yes and no. LOL. NYP graciously added a class back to our account so I have one to use the next time I visit! A+ on the customer service!


I’m probably a freak for saying this, but our weekend workout trip was what fitness dreams are made of. Every instructor at every studio delivered like no one else could, and I am still trying to figure out how to make a commute from Virginia Beach to Manhattan work because they were THAT GOOD. If you’ve never been to any of the above mentioned classes, do yourself and your body a massive favor and sign up!



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