Sometimes living in a city as crazy as New York leaves you in dire need of escaping to nature. This weekend I took a great day trip to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation for a hike. A friend and I left the city about 9:45am to drive out, which took about 40 minutes. You could also take Metro North to the Katonah stop and cab the 6 miles from the station, you just may have issues getting a cab/Uber/Lyft back if you don’t have service at Ward Pound and would have to walk to the main road.

We got to the reservation, paid our $10 entry, parked at the lot on Michigan Road ($10 entry) and started off on the route the park ranger at the entrance suggested for us by 10:30am (highlighted above). It took about 4 hours and was relatively flat, with one area of steeper hills near the bottom of our hike after you pass Spy Rock and Stairs that gets your heart rate going and makes the whole hike feel like you got a workout in.

This hike was particularly great because it’s so close to the city, but at no point would you know it. You’re completely surrounded by nature, even when you get to the overlooks. Usually with hikes this close to the city, you end up with a view of the freeway or towns at some point. We got a little lost at one point (you’ll see we went off the map trail onto the BRLA trail by accident) and were helped by a super friendly local. Everyone says hello as you pass by, the hike has a great local community feel.

When we finished, we stopped at the first deli we saw (Fifth Division Market at the 35/121 junction) and scarfed down sandwiches. Then we headed back to the city (with a pit stop at the Scarsdale Trader Joes) and were back by 4pm! Perfect Saturday.


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