I keep my snack drawer fully stocked at work at all times, otherwise I turn into a snack hunting zombie scouring the office for leftover lunches from meetings or getting chips at the vending machine by about 3pm every day.

I have a few staples, but I also like to try new (or on sale!) things I see at the grocery store or on Amazon (where I do most of my snack shopping!).

The Staples:

  • Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter. This is one snack I always have on hand (keep it in your purse too!). You can get it super inexpensively as an add-on item on Amazon Prime (usually about $5 for a 10 pack!). It’s a great protein kick by itself or to add on top of morning yogurt or with an apple… the options are endless.
  • Granola. I honestly rarely stay brand loyal with Granola, especially since I eat it almost every day with greek yogurt for breakfast and get bored. I look for two things: price and added sugar. I try to keep both as low as possible. Anything more than 6-7 grams of sugar for a serving is overkill in my book…so is anything more than $6-7.
  • Chip Replacements. I have a few go-to’s here, because sometimes you just need a crunchy snack. My favorites are Veggie StixSkinny Pop (the 30 pack is a great deal!) and Saffron Road Chick Peas.
  • Kashi Bars. Another great item that is cheap on Amazon! Perfect if you’re running to a meeting.
  • Tea. Be it bagged or loose leaf, tea is a great way to satisfy a mid-afternoon sugar craving. I particularly love David’s Tea, they have great seasonal flavors and sales.

The Nice to Have:

  • Crackers. While not the healthiest, I like to have crackers around. I often keep hummus in the fridge or add them to soup in the winter. The Everything [bagel] flavor from Trader Joe’s is a personal favorite.
  • Trail Mix. While not always the healthiest since there tends to be a lot of sugar and salt, trail mix can be great in a bind.
  • Raisins. I recently noticed that buying raisins from the bulk bins is super cheap! It’s one of my favorite snacks if I’m craving something sweet.
  • Coconut chips + yogurt toppings. Like I mentioned above (or you know if you follow our Instagram), I eat greek yogurt very often for breakfast at work. In addition to fresh ingredients like fruit, I like to keep coconut chips, seeds, etc around to change it up.
  • MCT Oil. I really tried to get on this trend. MCT oil is supposed to have a lot of great benefits, and I’ve seen tons of bloggers adding it to their coffee. I find it leaves a thick texture and I usually forget to add it, hence my bottle is still nearly full.

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