Quesadillas are one of my go-to quick and easy weeknight meals, but I like to get creative and incorporate flavors outside of the typical Latin ones. I got inspired when I picked up pre-seasoned curry chicken fingers at Trader Joes and it turned out seriously good. I ate this several nights in a row.

The recipe below is for one serving, store your leftovers from each ingredient separately and make again! Or, use in a spinach salad!



Cook the curry chicken fingers according to the package instructions, 3-4 mins per side over medium heat. Set aside and store leftovers!

In a small sauce pan, heat your black beans and season to taste (I add a little salt, pepper and red pepper flake).

Over medium-high heat, heat a tortilla for approximately 1 min. Flip the tortilla over and layer on beans, chicken and goat cheese to half the tortilla. Let it warm 2-3 mins (or to the level of crispy you like your tortilla).

Add spinach and scallions and fold the tortilla in half. Serve with hot sauce!

xoxo, Truett

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