This is one of my favorite arm series to do on the Reformer! It targets everything from the biceps, triceps, chest, and deltoids, to the upper back…and of course…your core! I typically use one red spring on a Balanced Body Reformer, but if I’m feeling extra good I’ll use one red and one yellow. The transitions between sets should be fairly quick so you can really put your arms to work (aka don’t give yourself any unnecessary breaks!).


Rows x10

Row Pulses x10

Single Arm Rows x10/side

Tricep Kickbacks x10 + 5 sec hold

Diagonal Deltoid Pulls x10/side

Bicep Curls x7

-followed by x7 right leg, x7 left leg, x7 modified teaser

Chest Expansion x7 + 5 sec hold


Give this series a try and let me know how it goes! Have fun!


xo, Ashley

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