In March 2015, I went to Mexico City with two of my best friends. I’d heard from several people that I was going to fall in love with the city, and they were all right. Mexico City is unlike any other. It has a vibe you can only understand if you experience it. It is a vast city with so much culture…you have to be on constant alert to take it all in. Below are some of my favorite things I did while there. GO!


I hesitate to even write anything here, because so much of the food in Mexico City is insanely good. You can really walk in most places and be happy. My two standouts (other than random street tacos that were incredible and I have no idea how to tell you where they were):

Brunch at Cafebrería el Péndulo: This bookstore also has a great brunch. There are a few locations, but we tried the one in Condesa. It’s visually stunning and really cute to eat in what feels like a library.

Fish Tacos at El Pescadito: There will be a line to order and sit, but it is SO worth it. The fish tacos here are unbelievably good.


Shopping at Mercado Roma: Mercado Roma is like the Chelsea Market of Mexico City. There are a ton of little shops to buy all sorts of goodies. There are also food stalls there.

Street Art and Galleries: There is street art EVERYWHERE in Mexico City. Be sure to walk around to see. I’d particularly suggest you go to the La Roma neighborhood (same neighborhood Mercado Roma is in) and Condesa neighborhood (where Cafebrería el Péndulo is) and walk the streets. I also really enjoyed the exhibits at Fifty 24MX, a gallery in La Roma.

Historic Center of Mexico City: This is the main square in downtown, where government buildings are. You can put in the Palacio Nacional in maps to get there. If you’re lucky like we were, you will see a lot of traditional dancing and music being performed. Wander the streets here and you’ll see some incredible old restaurants and bars.

The National Museum of Anthropology: This museum is absolutely enormous, but a must see. It goes through the entire history of Mexico and includes some insane artifacts that date back to the Incans and Mayans.

Frida Kahlo’s House/Museum: This is worth the trip. Frida’s house is gorgeous and completely intact. The art is gorgeous and they have a wide array of her clothing on display.

Pulque: Pulque is an alcoholic drink made from fermented agave. There are pulquerias all over city so stumble into any in the afternoon and you’ll find happy hour and people relaxing with friends after work or school.


Airbnb: We stayed in an Airbnb and it was cheap, easy, super clean and convenient. Look in the “La Roma” and “Condesa” neighborhoods.

Hostel: My friends left a day before me so I stayed one night in a hostel alone. I was a bit terrified, as I’ve never stayed alone in another country before, but it was great! I stayed in Hostel 333 in a communal room, which you can also book on Airbnb. It was perfectly fine. The breakfast was solid!


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