This workout is super simple, but just because it’s easy to conceptualize doesn’t mean it won’t kick your butt! It’s kind of like going for a hike up a mountain with a rapidly increasing incline, but in this case it’s a treadmill and you have to keep your feet moving or you’ll fall off.

What You’ll Need:

Treadmill – not just any treadmill, it has to be able to go up to an incline of 25 (a lot don’t). I do this on a Woodway, so you’ll be golden if you have access to one.

How It Works:

You’re going to start on the treadmill at an incline of 10 and speed of 2.8. The rule is that you can never decrease your speed, but you can and are encouraged to increase your speed (I usually finish at a jogging pace). Your speed after 2.8 is completely up to you, but what is not up to you is 1. You cannot at any time touch the handrails for support, & 2. You must increase your incline by 1 after every minute. You will go all the way up to 25 (repeating 25 twice), and then you go all the way back down to 10. In total you will have been walking for 32 minutes.

Not only is this a great cardio workout, but your whole body is going to be put to the test. Your hamstrings will be on fire and your core will be working overtime to help maintain your posture because as you progress and the fatigue starts to hit you, you’re going to want to sink into your spine and walk like a lazy slob. But of course you’re not going to do that!


Have fun & let me know how you feel after you try The Walk!


xo, Ashley

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