…and you’ll die happy. This is one of those workouts that you’re going to hate every single second of. You’re going to be in pain. Your heart is going to be pounding out of your chest. And you’ll probably curse my name, which is fine. Whatever motivates you to finish is fine with me. ONCE YOU ARE DONE, you are going to be elated. You’re going to be proud as fuck that you just conquered this bitch. My boyfriend introduced me to this workout when we first started dating. The first time we did it together, I thought I was going to pass out (there was no other way I could word this sentence lol). We had just started dating so I was mentally coaching myself throughout the entire thing because may God have struck me dead before I quit in front of my hot new boyfriend. He told me much later down the line that the first time he realized he loved me was during that workout because not only did I finish, but I fucking crushed it. 😉

Moving on…

What You’ll Need

A rower

10 lb weights, or heavier

Mat (only if you’re going to be a little B and need to put your knees down during your pushups)

Here it goes…

Part of why this workout is so hard is because you cannot take any breaks. Like none. You can take a quick sip of water in between sets but that should only take two seconds. And when you’re rowing, you need to focus on your form and your speed (average 500m row should be under 2:05, ideally under 2). Maintain the same pace throughout every set.

Before we officially get started…a vocabulary lesson of sorts is required.

Don’t know how to row? Click here.

Man Maker:


You will be going down in a progression. Think of counting down from ten all the way to one.


1000m row

10 man makers

900m row

9 man makers

800m row

8 man makers

700m row

7 man makers

600m row

6 man makers

500m row

5 man makers


400m row

4 man makers

300m row

3 man makers

200m row

2 man makers

100m row

1 man maker



You’re still alive! Now go eat!

xo, Ashley


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