Huevos Rancheros are probably my favorite breakfast, especially to make at home. I try to keep the basic ingredients on hand at all times: eggs, beans, tortillas, and hot sauce. That’s basically the recipe,  you can add whatever else you want from there. There are a million other options to add on top: chorizo, fresh salsa, cheese, avocado, onions, pickled onions, tomatoes, sour cream… etc. I usually use black beans and add things like kale… which makes my version very… white.

Here is my basic recipe with the toppings I had on hand. Buen provecho!



I cook everything and lay it out so I can assemble dishes after I make each round of eggs, but if you prefer your eggs scrambled you can make everything to serve at once!

Beans: This time I used canned refried beans, but sometimes I use black beans. I added Tajin, Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning, Trader Joe’s Pink Himalayan Salt, and pepper and mixed it all together. I then microwaved it for two minutes (I would usually do this on the stove top but I was lazy today).

Tortillas: If you have a gas stove, put a burner on medium-low heat and put your tortillas directly onto the burner. Flip after 20-30 seconds. Keep tortillas on the flame until they have reached your desired level of char. If you do not have a gas stove,  you can heat your tortillas on a pan over medium-low heat.

Chorizo: I cut my chorizo on the diagonal and then sautéed it until it was crispy on the edges, about 3 minutes each side over medium heat. Make sure you check your package! Mine was pre-cooked, if yours is not it will take longer.

Cheese: Grate it!

Eggs: I prefer my eggs over easy, here’s how to do that, but any style works! Bonus if you cook your eggs in the leftover grease from your chorizo or breakfast meat.


Plate in this order: tortillas, beans, meat, eggs, toppings, finish with hot sauce and a squeeze of lime.


The options are really endless. You can prepare each ingredient in a million different ways if you have your basics on hand. I love adding avocado and onions, I just didn’t have any today.

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