If you’re looking for an ab workout that is both quick and killer, look no further. I discovered this series when I was going through Pilates Teacher Training with PMA Master Trainer Adriana Vargas (look her up if you’re ever in SD. best teacher to ever exist), and continue to swear by it to this day. It’s honestly never gotten easier for me. Manageable, yes. Easier, no. And that’s saying a lot because my core is probably the strongest part of my body. If you do this workout at least every other day I can GUARANTEE (not like officially or anything) that you will have a pretty sexy set of abs on that belly.  
Each of the following exercises flows into the next, so in order to fully maximize this series you must not take breaks in between each movement. LET IT BURN. But in a good way. Don’t be a baby.


Rolldown x10

Arm Lifts x10

Single Leg Kicks x10/side

Teaser + Arm Lifts x10

QUICK break

Double Leg Stretch x10

Single Leg Stretch x10/side

Bicycles x10/side

Scissors x10/side

Leg Lifts x10

Swimming 3×10

Criss Crosses 3×10

Arm & Leg Pules x10


***Disclaimer: Abs are first and foremost made in the kitchen, so if you eat donuts every day and not just once a week, I can’t guarantee that you will actually see your abs.

2 thoughts on “Kiss My Abs

  1. Wonderfully articulated and demonstrated sequence, Ashley. I myself, bring older with s neck disc concern (blushing) would modify by allowing me head to lay on the floor occasionally and or even use a prop (block or rolled towel) for support to neck while still maintaining the inverted crunchy effect.
    You are amazeing! Thanx for sharing this an workout.
    Janet Marie Petty

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