With Ashley living in California and Truett in New York, we decided to close the distance as best as we could by creating this blog for all of you to (hopefully) become obsessed with. We have a lot of worthwhile information to share with all of you, and are super excited for you to get to know us while we continue to get to know ourselves.

First and foremost, we both have shared passions for fitness, food, and travel. We’ve both spent our fair share of time experimenting with different workouts in search of what we enjoy most/what works best for our bodies. We understand that everyone is different and that specific body types require specific fitness programs, so we’ve done a majority of the legwork for you and want to share the knowledge we’ve gained over the years in hopes that you feel inspired and motivated to work towards an even better, sexier you.

Almost just as important as the fitness aspect of the sexy new you is the FOOD. And we love food. All kinds. Healthy, colorful, home cooked, make your soul smile FOOD. They weren’t lying when they said abs are made in the kitchen, and it’s taken a shit ton of trial and error to find out how to find our abs, but we did it! There’s no one algorithm or magic trick (it’s leviOsa not leviosA), but rather a perfect combination between healthy foods for your belly and not always so healthy foods for your soul. We want to share all of our tips and tricks for staying healthy for both your mind and your body and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

We may have different body types and sometimes different tastes in food, but one thing we will always agree on is our love for travel. We have made it an actual life goal of ours to visit as many countries as possible in our lifetimes, and so far we’re doing a pretty great job. Being in a new country for the first time surrounded by complete strangers with an endless amount of possibilities for exploration is an indescribable feeling that we want everyone else to have the opportunity to experience.

Above all else, we want to be real. For the most part we have our shit together, but there are a considerable amount of times that we just don’t. We workout like madwomen 90% of the time, but then there are times when we fall off the wagon and just stay off of it. And did you know that it is an actual proven fact (proven by us) that pizza tastes exponentially better than quinoa? Crazy! We’re not perfect and we don’t even want to attempt to be. Our goal in life is to be happy. We genuinely enjoy working out and love the way a healthy lifestyle makes us feel, but we have an equally fond appreciation for the way sugar and butter make our hearts feel, especially while people watching at a cafe in Paris. We’re real human beings with real human being dreams and real human being faults and major human being struggles. We can relate to every internal dilemma you’ve had regarding going for a run vs. eating donuts on the couch because we’ve been there. Most of the time we’re going to tell you to go for that run, but sometimes we just might tell you to sit your ass down. Life is a balancing act, learn to enjoy it!

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