Meal Prep: Carrot Pesto with Roasted Vegetables

My (other) best friend from high school is an amazing cook from a family of chefs. Last time I went to visit her in SF, I suggested we make dinner instead of going out and was NOT disappointed. She…


Travel TBT: Ashley’s Wedding Weekend

As of today I have officially been married for 20 days, and I am still dreaming about my magical wedding weekend in California’s beautiful Central Coast. I know everyone says their wedding was the best they’ve ever been to,…


Full Body Cadillac Workout

Having my own Reformer has been amazing, but I have seriously missed all of the other incredible Pilates apparatuses. I work at a studio that has a Cadillac, but I almost never get to use it because I’m always…

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Travel TBT: Sutro Baths + San Francisco Brunch

I was up in Northern California for two week’s this month for Ashley’s wedding and my birthday. I didn’t feel particularly inspired to throw myself a big celebration for my 29th; my only wish was to do a little…


Ashley’s Favorite Chocolate Protein Shake

When I lived in California, I taught Pilates at Equinox in Palo Alto. Equinox’s cafe, Earth Bar, makes THE best smoothies, and I have been dying for one ever since I moved away. My favorite smoothie was the Chocolate…


Mat Pilates Fusion Workout

As far as classical Pilates instruction goes, I’m on the wayyyy other end of the spectrum. I respect classical exercises and teach them often, but my favorite part about being an instructor is having the creative freedom to come…


Mealprep: Shawarma Chicken Salad

If you hadn’t already noticed, I have a little love affair going with Trader Joes. I love their staples (their oil sprays and everyday seasoning are my LIFE), but I also enjoy shopping there because I often have no…

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Travel TBT: Weekend in Phoenix

Last week I went to Phoenix to visit my boyfriend. It was my first time in the city and I must say it looks exactly like Cars Land at Disneyland. Yes, that is the reference I am going with,…


Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I know chocolate chip cookies are generally pretty basic, but lately they’re the one dessert I’ve really been craving. I very much believe in eating healthy and working out regularly, but even more than that I believe in balance.…


Tinga Tostadas

This is one of my favorite recipes to make, with the added bonus that it is very easy. The recipe for the chicken tinga comes from one of my best friend’s moms, who is Mexican. Since it is a family…